The Low-Floor Luton van conversion benefits from Peugeot Boxer’s front-wheel-drive, which allows a low floor height for both this conversion and the standard panel vans.




Low Floor Luton

Internal length


Internal width


Internal height


Overall height


Overall length





That has enabled Peugeot to offer a Low-floor Luton body in the Built for Business conversions range. A lower floor means that a tail lift simply isn’t needed because the rear loading height is low enough without one.

Another advantage of the Low-Floor Luton is that the low floor vans have increased load volume. At 22m3, the Low-Floor Luton offers the greatest body capacity in the Peugeot Boxer range including the Built for Business conversions.

 Low-Floor Luton comes equipped with;

  • manual air conditioning for the cab
  • a heavy-duty battery
  • extended wiring at the rear of the vehicle

Optional equipment includes;

  • a lightweight alloy loading ramp
  • steps and grab handles
  • four lashing points in the floor
  • load locking strips along the body sides.

Low-Floor Peugeot Luton vans have the option of including Grip Control traction enhancement and a speed limiter. Grip control offers driver-selectable mode settings to improve traction in a variety of conditions including snow, mud and sand.

The Built for Business Low-Floor Luton body is finished in white and there is a range of five solid colours and two metallic colours available for the cab.

*Payload (excluding driver) is calculated including oil, water, lubricants, tools, spare wheel and 90% full fuel tank. When calculating the payload, an average figure for the driver is 75kg (Please note: drivers’ weights will vary). Additional passengers and accessories must be taken into account. It is the operator’s responsibility that the plate weights are not exceeded. Please note: Masses and Dimensions are subject to 8% engineering tolerances.

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